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12 September 2009 @ 11:53 am
Recommendations&Reviews: Apartments  
Every now and then, we'll have a recommendations post for different things around the Camp LeJeune/Jacksonville area. To kick this off, we'll start with apartments!
Because it's the first thing you need when you get here, and hopefully this will be able to help those of us who aren't in the area.

So, please comment with a review of the different apartment complexes you know of! We would prefer it if you actually lived in the apartment you're reviewing, but if you had a friend who did, that's cool too.
Major bonus points if you can review on-base housing!

Please fill out this form the best you can!

Name of Apartments:
Approx. distance from base (in minutes):
How long did you live there?
Type of apartment: (one bedroom, two bedroom, ect. Please include square feet if you know)
Pets allowed?
Links:(for more information and photos, like apartmentfinder.com or apartmentratings.com)
Recommend? (Yes or no)

For your convience, you can just copy and paste from here:
Recommendations&Reviews Form:

Also, if someone has a question/comment on your review, please try to answer!

Thanks everyone!
★Kristy★heartbreak_beat on September 12th, 2009 05:56 pm (UTC)
Park West
Name of Apartments: Park West
Address: 203 Valencia Drive
Approx. distance from base (in minutes): About 10 minutes if you cut through the neighborhoods.
How long did you live there? From September 2008 to May 2009
Type of apartment: One bedroom, 640 sq. ft.; they offer two bedrooms also
Rent: $650 at the time, now its $700
Pets allowed? Yes
Amenities: Laundry room, pool, screened-in back patios
Pros: The complex was located in a great, safe area, right off Western Blvd. The staff was very nice and professional, and the maintenance man was always over within ten minutes of me calling with an issue. The apartments were well taken care of, and I never had a problem with bugs or anything breaking down that didn't get fixed immediately.
Cons: I was on the first floor, so my upstairs neighbors could get a little loud, and sometimes I got annoyed by the cars in the parking lot being left to idle for too long in the mornings. Sometimes there were loud people in the parking lot, but that only happened twice.
Links: Here (with photos, floor plans and contact info) and Here (more reviews)
Recommend? Yes, definitely

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